Prospects of Primary Education in Nigeria

1. Access to Basic Education by Children of School Age:

Children of school age in Nigeria have been given access to basic education. This is evident in the adoption and the launching of the universal basic education by the federal government, where education is made free and compulsory to all children of school age.

The increase in children enrollment has demonstrated the level to which Nigerians have appreciated the policy, and as well point to the future of Nigerian child in terms of education.

2. Quality Impartation of Knowledge:

The education policy, as embraced by all the states in Nigeria, received support from state government as instructional materials were provided to schools for quality impartation of knowledge to primary school pupils.

3. Rigorous Enlightenment on the Important of Primary Education:

There have been rigorous enlightenment programs by the government of the day, where parents, guardians, members of the public have been sensitized on the important of primary education hence, parents and guardians were mandated to ensure that their wards are encouraged to be at school during school hours, as defaulters were prosecuted by the government. This development has led to the setting up of the monitoring team by the government for complete compliance to the education policy. Any child got on the streets during school hours was arrested, and their parents indicted.

4. Decrease in Child Labour:

By the virtue of this education policy, child labour is drastically reduced, even as the future of Nigerian children is considered to be colourful. The hope is that, they will be at equal footing with their counterpart anywhere in the world in terms of education.

Conclusion and suggestion

The efficient management of primary education in Nigeria is everybody business; therefore, every hand must be on deck. There must be adequate school blocks, instructional materials, teaching aids, libraries, recreational facilities and school medical centers among other things for the sector to be successful.

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