Nuturing Future Leaders – Two Scholarships at a Time

In our world, where equal access to quality education remains a pressing concern, we at NBF derive fulfilment in the continuous seeking of ways to make quality education available to everyone from all walks of life, regardless of their demography. We believe that education, if made available to everyone as the ability to transform lives, families, nations, and the world.
In the face of increasing economic hardships and soaring tuition fees in Nigerian universities, NBF takes immense pride in introducing its flagship initiative, the Undergraduate Scholarship Program (USP). We firmly believe that education is the key to a brighter future, and we are unwavering in our commitment to ensure that no student is left behind in their quest for knowledge.
We understand the transformative power of quality education. This understanding is what drives us to embark on the USP, a program designed to bridge the access gap and provide support to dedicated students on their journey towards realizing their dreams.
The essence of quality education cannot be understated. It is the motivation behind the initiation of our scholarship program. Our aim is to level the playing field, especially as economic challenges and increasing tuition fees have made the pursuit of higher education a daunting task.

The USP offers annual financial support to its recipients, granting them a generous scholarship of ₦150,000. This financial boost empowers them to concentrate on their studies without the financial worries that often hinder academic progress. What makes this program exceptional is our unwavering commitment to these students throughout their undergraduate journey, meeting set terms and conditions every school year; they can be confident in receiving continuous financial support, extending throughout their academic pursuit. The response to our call for applications for the inaugural edition of USP was overwhelming. An impressive 105 applicants from Federal and State Universities across Nigeria eagerly submitted their entries. This response underscores the urgent need for initiatives like the USP, which work to level the educational landscape for students from diverse backgrounds.
After a rigorous and meticulous selection process that spanned over a month, we are thrilled to introduce the inaugural recipients of the USP – The NBF Scholars. These exceptional individuals not only demonstrated academic excellence but also displayed the determination and resilience that NBF values.

Join us in celebrating the success of these extraordinary students, including the first USP beneficiaries:
Kehinde Abdulwaris Ayobami, a 100-level student of Business Education from the University of Lagos.
Adegoke Adeseun Oladapo, a 200-level student of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Ibadan.
Discover more about the Nifemi Brown Foundation’s journey, explore our impactful initiatives, and learn how you can become a part of our mission to empower dreams and transform lives through quality education –
At NBF, we are unwavering in our commitment to lighting the path to a brighter tomorrow, two scholarships at a time.

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