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The Nifemi Brown Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2015 to reach out to less-privileged communities, schools and peoples. The foundation was called ‘UNILAG for Humanity’ at its inception, with volunteers from various departments all over the school pitching in as donors. After educating herself on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, she decided to focus on education and rural community development, especially those of the public schools as they are usually the most disadvantaged.
Our current project-The School Aid Project was borne out of this goal. It is designed to provide basic and necessary facilities to public schools, to foster learning in an enabling environment. After graduating from the University of Lagos, a rebrand of the foundation was imperative, so UNILAG for Humanity evolved to the Nifemi Brown Foundation. With the same group of dedicated volunteers and team members, a couple of other projects have been organized and achieved. For Nifemi, the foundation is about impacting change, ensuring lasting opportunities and ensuring that disadvantaged children have the opportunity to learn under conducive conditions. Now, 5 years later, children in seven different schools have been impacted, over 5,000 books distributed, communities of the disadvantaged greatly supported, with the organization primed to do more.



Quality Education is the Most Reliable and Fastest Route Out of Poverty

In line with the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the UN, we are driven to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. We believe that education is one of the greatest tools in dismantling poverty and underdevelopment. We are running with this goal in mind and have taken to renovating school facilities in low income communities so that pupils in these locations can have access to quality education. This, by extension will help improve the quality of learning and life for the pupil.
Our belief
Education can transform a life, a family, a community and in turn, a generation.
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The change we want to see in our society starts with all of us and together we can TAKE ACTION
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At Nifemi Brown Foundation, we are driven to improve the quality of education in low income communities, one school at a time. This is why we focus mostly on education because the founder, Nifemi believes that it is the foundation of the development of our society. She believes that education can transform a life, a family, a community and in turn, a generation. In line with the SDGs for quality education, if every child is given a chance at an education, we will live a better life, elect better leaders and build an all-round better society. She believes this is one of the ways to secure a better future for society, by taking charge of the education of children, and sometimes, it is as simple as providing good tables and chairs, having books, or a classroom roof that does not leak. For Nifemi, this represents a lifetime commitment, one that she does not take for granted.





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Founding story

The Nifemi Brown Foundation’s story is one of resilience, the sheer need to not give up on good will. This foundation started with the founder’s idea, initially shunned by the student organization she was a part of the executives at the time. She decided to run with the idea up and crowd fund to bring it to fruition. In that moment, she realised that there are well meaning people who are ready to give in order to help the needs of others.
After the successful execution of this ‘idea’ in its first year, she moved beyond the shores of Unilag to solicit the help of other universities. Upon graduation, this initiative took on various projects, addressing specific needs using the same crowd funding model.
What started as a project based initiative under the name “Universities for Humanity” has evolved and grown into this foundation. In the short span of 5 years, we have run with this vision and have bridged the knowledge gap for children in low income communities by renovating a good number of educational facilities. This is to ensure that the learning process is conducive for the pupils.

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